Lead Inspections RI helps homeowners, tenants, and landlords feel confident that they're well informed and their properties are lead safe. Transparency affords peace of mind for everyone. We help you secure the required lead certifications and determine how to best manage your lead paint problem through our consultations, inspections and classes.


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We offer a range of services regarding your Lead Inspection needs. From consultations to DOH full comprehensive inspections, Lead Inspections RI is your one-stop-shop!

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What Is a Variance?

From November 1 through May 31, a weather variance may be issued on properties requiring exterior work. This can include siding, trim, windows (including basement windows), and the foundation. Other common sites are steps, porches, columns, and out-buildings. The property will be issued an "Interior Only Certificate of Conformance" and all exterior work must be completed by June 1. See RULE 6J: Variance from Regulations.

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Inspection Check-List!

  • You or your designated person must take or have taken the     3 Hour Landlord Seminar

  • Repair any chipping or peeling paint on the interior and exterior of  your property*

  • Make sure all old wooden double hung windows have been replaced.

  • Check all doors and draws for friction.

  • Clean the apartment(s) and wipe down all horizontal surfaces.

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Lead Inspections RI offers our lead paint test and consultation services for homes and apartments in the state of Rhode Island. Lead poisoning is a known health hazard that poses a serious danger to people and pets. Children under six and pregnant women are especially at risk.

If you reside in or own a dwelling built prior to 1978, there is a good chance you have lead-based paint. Not all lead-based paint is dangerous. Only a licensed lead-based paint inspector can determine what may be harmful to you or your tenants.

Our family-owned business consists of an experienced team of licensed inspectors. Prior to offering inspection and consultation, we provided abatement services. Today, we rely on that hands-on expertise to raise awareness and offer education. One of our most important outreach tools is our three-hour landlord seminar.

We have been in business in Providence, Rhode Island, since 2005, and we adhere to Rhode Island's Lead Law [R23-24.6-PB] and the HRC Lead Hazard Mitigation Law, effective November 1, 2005. We're here to help when you need information about lead in your home and the inspection process.