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Services and Prices


Certificates of Conformance Inspection (Per Unit), Starting at $125

Give tenants peace of mind with a Certificate of Conformance issued for each cleared unit. Our inspection meets standards set forth by the State of Rhode Island's Housing Resource Commission (HRC), and includes a visual property inspection and dust wipe sampling. Standard inspections require four samples (for more—usually with children under 6—a fee of $10 for each additional sample is required).

Certificate of Acceptable Clearance (Per Unit), Starting at $150

Keep your renovation up to the state standards with a lead inspection upon renovation completion. We conduct a Lead Hazard Clearance Inspection in accordance with the Rules and Regulations for Lead Poisoning Prevention. Upon a property passing inspection, an Acceptable Clearance Status Certificate is issued.

Limited Inspections (Per Unit), Starting at $225

Get the facts before taking next steps with this inspection that's usually conducted along with a complete home inspection. It is a thorough examination of all possible lead components and surfaces using XRF X-ray analysis. A Limited Inspection identifies lead hazards in a report format and suggests ways to correct the problems.

Clearance Inspections (Per Unit), Starting at $125

Solidify safety in your home with a Clearance Inspection, ordered after a property has had an initial inspection identifying lead hazards and the hazards have been corrected. This type of inspection requires a visual inspection and sampling with dust wipes. A Clearance Certificate is issued for each unit when cleared.