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About Us

Lead Inspections RI offers our lead paint test and consultation services for homes and apartments in the state of Rhode Island. Lead poisoning is a known health hazard that poses a serious danger to people and pets. Children under six and pregnant women are especially at risk.

If you reside in or own a dwelling built prior to 1978, there is a good chance you have lead-based paint. Not all lead-based paint is dangerous. Only a licensed lead-based paint inspector can determine what may be harmful to you or your tenants.

Our family-owned business consists of an experienced team of licensed inspectors. Prior to offering inspection and consultation, we provided abatement services. Today, we rely on that hands-on expertise to raise awareness and offer education. One of our most important outreach tools is our three-hour landlord seminar.

We have been in business in Providence, Rhode Island, since 2005, and we adhere to Rhode Island's Lead Law [R23-24.6-PB] and the HRC Lead Hazard Mitigation Law, effective November 1, 2005. We're here to help when you need information about lead in your home and the inspection process.